Wednesday- all day is a fast called Taanit Esther. Click here for more info!

Wednesday night- Fast ends at 8:04 pm. We are starting to gather at 7:45 pm, and start the Megillah reading at 8. During the reading, we will have a silent show playing for the kids. After reading, join us for snacks and drinks and Lchiams! 

Thursday afternoon- Come to both parties if you can! At this one, we will be doing all four mitzvot as smoothly as we could. So.

6:00 pm- Gather up. Megillah reading and a video to watch for the kids (and adults, of course).

6:30 pm- Music starts! Crafts and dinner!


We will explain how to do the last 3 mitzvot of Purim then. (Giving Mishloach manot, eating a meal, and giving money to poor)

We are so excited to have a great time!

Sign me up for Purim!