Thursday- all day is a fast called Taanit Esther. Click here for more info!

Thursday night- Fast ends at 6:52 pm. We are starting to gather at 6:45 pm. Maariv and Megillah reading, with ice pops for the kids. After reading, we will decorate cookies, eat Hamantachen, appoint someone to make drinks, and spend fun time together. Our tent will be up and protect us from the rain!

Friday afternoon- Come to both parties if you can! At this one, we will be doing all four mitzvot as smoothly as we could. So.

4:00 pm- Gather up. Megillah reading and a video to watch for the kids (and adults, of course). And quietly decorate graggers to whirl when we hear the name of Haman!

4:30 pm- Music starts! All the food will be pre- packaged and ready to go. So. If you want to stay and eat, yay! If you would like to take it to go, perfect! 

We will explain how to do the last 3 mitzvot of Purim then. (Giving Mishloach manot, eating a meal, and giving money to poor).

5:00 pm- Interactive game!

And then Shabbat comes in at 6:10, so hurry home to light the Shabbat candles before then!

And that's it! Purim in an hour or two, safely outside. 

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